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How to make a magic mushroom spore print for a syringe | SporeDoor Magic Mushroom Spores

Updated: Nov 4, 2021

Magic Mushrooms can be grown at home without much of a fuss with magic mushroom spores in a magic mushroom spore syringe. But to grow magic mushrooms you need magic mushroom spores which typically are used in a magic mushroom spore syringe. Spores are to a mushroom what seeds are to a plant and the best way to get spores for mushroom cultivation is by making spore prints.

Before we explain how to make your own magic mushroom spore prints, we need to mention a thing or two about the sterile environment. When cultivating mushrooms, or making spore prints, you need to make sure that the environment is sterile(or in other words; very, very clean) due to the danger of contamination. The spores or mushrooms could be contaminated with mold or other fungi making them useless. If you want to have a sterile area, you should close off a small section of your home and clean it as good as possible. For some the bathroom is a great place to start your cultivation process. Besides the area, you need to be clean too. Wear clean clothes when you enter the area and don't forget to use hand sanitizer to keep your hands clean. Now that you have clean working conditions, there are a couple of more things to get a hold off:

  • A mature mushroom with an open cap

  • A sharp knife (scalpel preferably)

  • A gas burner

  • 2 clean sheets of paper

  • A glass

  • Tweezers

  • Small zip bag

The spores are located in the cap of the mushroom, and we will have to cut off that cap. To do that you need to sterilize the knife by heating it with the gas burner until it becomes red hot. Give it 30 seconds to cool off and then cut the cap off the stem at the highest possible point without touching the spores. Take the cap and put it spores facing down on the sheet of paper. The spores shouldn't be exposed to outside air, so cover the cap with a clean glass. After 2 hours, carefully take the cap of the paper and place it on the other sheet of paper and cover it again with the glass. Spores on the first sheet of paper have a higher chance of being contaminated, making the second spore print more sterile. This time you will have to wait around 24 hours for all the spores to fall off. Remove the cap from the paper; you can now carefully cut the paper and fold it over to enclose the print and put the spore print into the bag with the sterilized tweezers. If you want, you can also wrap it in tin foil to help keep things secure. Make sure that the bag is air-proof and place it in a dark and cool place. This way the spore print can be preserved for several years. As you see, making your own spore prints isn't a big deal. So why not try it and maybe after that grow your own batch of psychedelic mushrooms?

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